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2017 Yearly Reading for OIDSI

2017 Yearly Reading for OIDSI

Primary Odu:

Senior Category:
Isegun: Otura-Oriko
Ifa foresees blessings of victory, long life and good fortune from the ancestors in 2017. The odu Osa-di speaks of removing blockage to obtain a successful relationship. Fear of a lack of relationship will end as a new person appears. 2017 will bring lots of new opportunities for growth in business, personal relationships and wealth. The blessings that we have been praying for will manifest this year; we must avoid letting old fears, doubts or behaviors take us backwards in our spiritual growth. In the Universal Year 9, we released and changed and transformed. In the Universal Year 1, it is time for our prayers, hopes, wishes and dreams to come into fruition. The spirit of good things is coming.
Blessings are coming from the mothers. Oya, Osun, the divine feminine energy will help us to have the patience and stability to intuit and weather some of the many changes that are in store for us this year. Changes will come in business and the home. This is a good time for travel and new relationships, new societies forming and egbes growing. It is important for us to embrace the newness that the clearing out of last year brought us. It is about having the vision to move forward with a renewed focus. What do you want to do? What are you giving birth to? What have you been praying for? 2017 is the year to see dreams manifest.
Get a chiming instrument to keep the energy clear in the home. There will be naysayers, haters and detractors. We must be mindful of arguments about money; people will be trying to take things from us. There will be people trying to get in the business. This year honesty is the best policy. Do not take what is not yours. Do not be a backstabber, or speak badly about others. Let go of envy and jealousy. No sideways business. If not, there is a possibility of scattering the family. Ifa says be mindful of being nice to ingrates. Some people are trying to hold others in enslavement. Beware of what you eat or drink when out. Watch out for infidelity, physical or spiritual. Are you in tune with your destiny? Are you honoring your commitments? Odu Osa-tura says, “Speak the facts, tell the truth.” There may be some uncomfortable truths that will have to be faced this year as we move forward. If we are to remain in ire, we must continue to strive for good character; it is an everyday process. Baba Epega used to say, “This world is an illusion that is manipulated through daily sacrifice.”
Osa-di speaks of restlessness. This unsettled energy can come from a lack of confidence, or thinking too much. It is not a time to be fearful. Some people might change jobs or residences. This is a good year for business. The key to our success this year is embracing spirituality. Ifa speaks of monetary gain for the truly spiritual. There is no need for us to chase money. The pursuit of money must be in accordance with our highest destiny. Orisa Aje likes cool and sweet things. It is an energy that needs to be approached with honey on the tongue and the spirit.
We must continue to work on our character, through obeying our taboos, following our own destinies, keeping our eyes on our own mats, and developing new ways of doing things. We must not let fear keep us from our blessings.
It is time for us to put the wisdom that we have gained from past lessons to good use. The ancestors have blessed us with a promise of victory. We have new tools and a guide for our lives. It is important for us to use these tools. The key to continued ire this year is to stay on the spiritual side of things and have confidence in the power and strength of Ifa.
2017 is a good, beautiful year.
The Odu is a great Odu. It is the Odu that talks about how human beings do their Itefa, either man or woman. If the Odu is cast, Ifa is saying that there is blessing for those that have done their Itefa. To those that are yet to do their Itefa they should make it compulsory because it is only Ifa that can help them and take them out of the witches’ bondage.
The verse goes thus:
“Sandimimu, kinsadie mu, Sisa wonii, Agbada nsahirawon, Adifafun Iwere lojo to nlo di orun ope mu (ifa), Nje Ifa dimimu, ki o ma yun mi nu, iwere ara igi ki sonu”
What Ifa is saying is that it is only Ifa that can help all the members for any problems of life, success and all goodness.
Secondly, Ifa says that there are a group of people who want to let the organization down, but Osa-di said it won’t be so, but the organization should appease Egungun. It is the Egungun that will help to conquer the enemies. Also, the odu furthermore says that there are some people who are looking for a baby. If there is anyone like this, they need to do Osun initiation. Ifa says there are some men that are yet to have Egungun. They should do it for them to be powerful in spirit. The Oluwo of OIDSI needs to do a special ebo for all of the organization, then the members should be warned that there must not be a traitor. Ifa says that there are some people who normally have bad nightmares; a special ebo must be done for such people. Ifa says there is a misunderstanding between some people in the organization. Oluwo must try to settle the conflict amicably. That is what the odu says.
Otura-Ogbe for the ancestors (isegun):
Ifa said all members must have Egbe, because their spiritual mates are always guiding them a lot. Egungun must be fed, Ori must be fed and Ifa must also be fed in Otura-Ogbe.

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