OIDSI Olowo Baba Epega Ode Remo, Ogun State

We dedicate this website to the life works of our Oluwo Afolabi Adeyemi Epega, a 5th generation Oluwo, whose lineage goes back to Ode Remo, Ogun State and is one of the 5 royal families of Ode Remo. Baba Epega’s teaching methods, perception of Ifa, and knowledge of traditional African medicine were passed down to him by his father, Patriarch D. Olarimiwa Epega, and author of The Basis of Yoruba Religion. Baba Epega’s grandfather, Rev. D. Onadele Epega, is the author of several books on the tradition of Ifa. We honor him for having established the Imole Oluwa Institute in Nigeria in 1904, as well as for publishing Ifa-The Ancient Wisdom of the Yorubas. We give thanks to the Ancestors, Orisa, Orunmila (Spirit of Destiny) and our Ori for the strength and courage to embrace and practice such a natural, beautiful and poetic indigenous system. Ifa, the Wisdom of Nature, is the ever-changing expression of Olodumare.

Who is Obafemi

Who is Obafemi?

Chief Oluwo Obafemi Fayemi Epega is a world-renowned Babalawo and the founder of O.I.D.S.I. (Obafemi Institute for the Divine & Universal Study of Ifa). He was initiated as a priest of Obatala in January 2004, and received his Tefa in February 2005 from the late Oluwo Dr. Afolabi Epega at the Epega Compound in Akure, …

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What is Ifa

What is Ifa?

“Yoruba People The Yoruba religion originated at lle-ife, a holy city that is regarded as the cradle of civilization for the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria. Although the Yoruba religion was tribal in origin, it has, over the years, taken on the characteristics of a world religion. It is not only practiced by the Yoruba speaking …

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Why we do things the non-traditional way?

Aboru Aboye! I greet you all in the spirit of humbleness and good character welcoming you to the priest/ess class of OISI and all levels of practitioners.  In my many travels to Nigeria, going back to my first encounter in 2006 with the passing of my Olowu the late Afolabi Epega, I encountered different methods …

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