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Topic: Men’s Health

During this series I wanted to focus on some special nuggets to empower our brothers with regard to men’s health. I thought about the various topics that come to mind when I think of my work with men’s health and I thought of these three that came to mind. Colon Health and Libido/Impotence. When I speak and work with men regarding health issues

Colon Health
It can take up to 30 years before cancer manifest in the colon. Also known as the large intestine, the colon is the long, coiled, tubelike organ that removes water from digested food. The remaining material, solid waste called stool, moves through the colon to the rectum and leaves the body through the anus.
The male colon as kind of a gentle horseshoe, a
nd the female colon as being a tangled-up Slinky. Men have a well-developed abdominal wall. So even a man who’s overweight and has a big beer belly still has a tighter, more robust abdominal wall just because of the testosterone. Men will complain that they’re fat, but will rarely complain that they’re bloated because that tighter, more defined abdominal wall, the rectus abdominis sheath, which is, to some degree dependent on testosterone, that holds the bowel in place. So the abdominal wall is the other big reason why men complain of being fat, and women complain of being bloated. Estrogen and progesterone can have really profound effects on the GI tract, whether you retain water or not, and how things move through your intestines.

Daily Internal Housekeeping for the Colon:
2 tbsp aloe vera juice
2tbsp liquid chlorophyll
1tsp triphala

An enema is a term for pushing liquid into the colon through the anus. Enemas can deliver medicines to treat constipation or other colon conditions.
Bone broth is a nourishing food that supplies nutrients and minerals needed for the health of bones, teeth, joints, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Bone Broth Recipe:
2lbs beef or chicken bones (organic grass fed are best but chicken necks or oxtails can be used also)
About 3 gallons of cold filtered water
½ cups of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp of good sea salt

Add fresh herbs like thyme, dried green peppercorn, parsley, etc
You can optionally add vegetables and it’s okay if these vegetables are slightly wilted. This is a good way to use up vegetables that are still good but a little past their prime.

Allow bones to boil for 30 minutes. A large amount of scum will come to the top. This needs to be skimmed off with a spoon and discarded afterwards reduce the heat and add the seasonings/herbs and simmer for at least 12 hours (24 hours is good but can go up to 72 hrs max).

The stock can be refrigerated for -10 days or place into freezer for later use.

The great genius of bone broth is that it helps deals with nutritional deficiencies, one of the root causes of disease.

Additional Tasks for Colon health
Vitamin D (should not be taken w/o calcium. If you take steroid hormones, thiazide diuretics, or if you’re hypertensive, seek medical advice on how to obtain proper Vitamin D and proper calcium)
** (by resting in the sun for 20 minutes 3 times a week, melanin dominant races can produce within the skin all the vitamin d needed, they also should only have minimal to none dairy products)

Regular Bowel Movements
15 minutes of daily stretching of the abdominal area
Cleansing Colon 4 times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

Castor Oil Packs
Castor Oil Packs are used to break up congestions and help soften harden tissue. Below is a simple DIY recipe:
¼ cup castor oil
8 drops of pure, therapeutic grade, essential oil lavender (optional)
A soft cloth

Combine the castor oil and the essential oils. Soak the cloth in the oil so the cloth is saturated, but not dripping. Fold the cloth and place it in a baking dish and put the dish in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. It should be warm, but no thot. As an alternative you can heat the oil and the cloth in a crock pot. This is slower but produces a slow steady heat.

Place folded cloth directly over painful area. Cover with a towel to keep it warm. You can also put a hot water bottle over the pack. Use the pack once a day for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse off the oil after each use.

Alkaline Water, and more Alkaline WATER

Experts suggest we should have about ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight each day; when cleansing even more water is suggested. Email me and I can send you a recipe for alkalizing your own water.

Male Glandular Health
Low levels of testosterone in men contribute to fatigue, excess body fat, loss of muscle tone, depression, anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Herbs to research for male fertility and to enhance testosterone levels:
Damiana aerial partd
Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)
Muira Puama
Burdock Root
Angelica Root
Scots Pine Pollen

Herbs to balance glandular function:
Ginseng (Asian or Korean)
Horny Goat Weed
Muira Puama
Sarsaparilla Root (normalize testosterone)
Saw Palmetto
Nettle Root
Black Cohosh
Wild yam Root
Supplements for the Testes
Glycine (if urinating too much at night)- is an amino acid usually obtained via eating meats.
Vitamin E
Zinc (most vital micronutrient for testosterone production)

Libido Smoothie (16 oz daily)
Almond Milk 1 cup
Hemp protein power (as stated per product)
1 tbsp maca powder
Honey to taste
Handful of Kale or Spinach
Banana (optional)
1 tpsn of oats

Do not hesitate to study and divine over which herbs listed are best for your constitution.

Cheers to good health,

Iya Oyadele

Iya Oyadele

Iya Oyadele Ifawunmi Fayemi Adesanya is the proud mother of twins and 10 year veteran holistic practitioner, passionate about the business of “transformation, cleansing, and reclaiming your power.” Oyadele is an accomplished licensed social worker and practicing psychotherapist who has worked for (3) nationally ranked hospitals in the Houston, Tx Medical Center and currently provide psychotherapy for a mental health hospital.

She offers a holistic approach to mental health care that encompasses mind, body, spirit, nature, and psychosocial nutritive resources to assist clients in gaining a better understanding of his/her degree of “health. She is certified and recognized as an herbalist, certified holistic health practitioner, and public speaker when she is not running her private practice, Ritual & Remedy Holistic Collective specializing in psychotherapy and nutritional therapy.

Disclaimer: The information below is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any dis-ease. The services provided by our nutrition consultants are to assist our clients in gaining a better understanding of your degree of “health” not disease so the client will have a greater self awareness and be able to use a self-care program for daily living.

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